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I talk to my dead uncle.

So, I decided that, since I love talking about myself so much, I'll make a little about me. But not just "my favorite colors are green and blue, my favorite tv show is Doctor Who bla bla bla," but more like "I talk to my dead uncle." You know? Little unknown facts and stuff that as of late has been on my mind to sort of get you (whoever "you" is) in my head. Ready? Let's begin.
1. I've had OCD since January 1, 2004. However, I pretended to get better (my 2nd biggest regret) and have been horribly suffering for almost 7 years.
2. I'm a mass of contradictions. For example, though lying about my mental health is my 2nd biggest regret, I would never, ever change it for the world and I am so happy I did it.
3. I talk to my dead uncle (as I mentioned earlier.) My #1 regret is not talking to him more when he was alive (however, I am not happy about that and I would change it if I could.)
4. I think I might be bi. And I know SO many teenagers lately have been doing this because they think it's cool or whatever, but I honestly think I might be. But I'm not sure.
5. Ever since I decided I want to be a psychologist (or psychiatrist... not sure yet), I've been (secretly) diagnosing my friends left and right. One's depressed, one's anorexic, and I'm 92% sure one's bipolar.
6. My biggest fear is dying unknown. The reason I'm so loud and outgoing is because I want everyone I meet to remember me.
7. I am extremely religious, and I became so religious on my own (my family, even though we're Catholic, has never been religious). When I became depressed and suicidal because of my OCD, I turned to my faith and it has honestly brought me so much joy.
8. After my faith, my books are my biggest joy in life.
9. Right now, as I lay on my bed writing this, I feel like doing a variety of things: 1. Screaming 2. Crying 3. Laughing maniacally
10. I see miracles in everything.

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Oh, it's been so long.

So, in 9 days it'll have been a year since I've been on here... I'm ashamed of myself. In that time I've even started a tumblr account, thus I have been cheating on LJ, which makes me feel like a horrible person.
So, what's happened since I've been gone? Well...
1. I decided what I'm going to do with my life! Well, almost. I'll either be a psychiatrist or a psychologist (really it all depends whether I'll have patience for med school or not). I'm sooo interested in mental illnesses... possibly because ya know I have one and everything.
2. I'm a Demi Lovato fan! (hence the icon) But I'm not you know all Disney obsessed, I just like Demi Lovato. I think she's just such an amazing singer with such a unique voice, it's impossible not to like her.
3. I fell for a very fickle little boy. But let's never speak of that date ever, EVER again. Thanks.
4. I became obsessed with my weight for a while. It was really unhealthy and it was stressing me out so much. Yet I recently had an epiphany where I realized something crazy: I really don't care. As long as I'm healthy, the number on the scale means nothing.
Well, I can't really think of anything else right now. I plan on coming on here a lot more often, and actually talking to people on here instead of isolating myself in my own little bubble.

Stay gold,

American Idols Live! 8/9/09

So, last night my two friends and I went to see, as you can guess from the title, the American Idols. Usually, I wouldn't go to an American Idol concert, but I am absolutely in love with Adam Lambert so I went. When Adam came out, I screamed more than I think I have ever screamed in my life! I swear my throat was bleeding lol! I have no voice and my throat is killing me. ANYWAYS! After the show, I waited 2 hours at the barricade and met EVERYONE EXCEPT ADAM! And this is what I think happened: so Michael came out first, but he rushed and didn't look at anyone or sign anything. Then like two more people came out and then Michael came back the other way but he was covering his face and being "escorted" by security. Adam didn't come out and Michael HATES Adam, so something definately went on between them. So Kris (who we all know is Adam's not-so-secret lover lol) looked soooo sad the whole time he was out. Then, people started chanting "Adam," and he was like rocking back and forth whispering "Adam" like he was chanting with them. And you might think, "Oh, maybe he was sad because everyine was chanting Adam's name and not his." Nope, because he looked miserable way before that. So my theory is that Michael punched out Adam, and Kris was sad because his boyfriend was in pain! Hahaha xD
Haha, ok I'm rambling now.
Peace Out =)

Alice In Wonderland

Finally the trailer for Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' is out! FINALLY! It only took forever! :) So..... *drum roll please*... here it is (along with pictures and all that good stuff)! And coincidentally, I just so happened to finish the book yesterday (however I haven't gotten to trhough the looking glass yet... I suppose I should). Anyway, this movie is definitely classic Tim Burton/Johnny Depp craziness, and I'm glad. I was really scared about how they were gonna do it. Like, it could have turned out to be really dark and emo-ish like Sweeney Todd. Or, it could have been really bright and completely on crack like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But, alas! It seems to be the perfect combination of the two! I am sooo happy!

Nice people are awesome, did you know that?

Ok, so I've only been on LJ for *counts on fingers* five days (oh jeez, I hope that's right so I don't look like a complete idiot xD) and so far, everyone is absolutely amazing! Seriously, you guys are hardcore awesome in my book, and might I add that it's pretty darn hard to get in my book at all, so feel proud and, yes, it's okay to boast. lol =D

In other news, over the past few days, I have become increasingly fond of a little slash pairing that I like to call Napolington! And most of this little addiction I've acquired is due to this little chicky right here. Sadly, Napolington is not yet a household name... not to worry though! It will be... very, very soon. ..I hope.

Alright, so now, I must go and do something useful with my life. ;)



I Always Thought I Was So Weird!

Okay, so I'm pretty new on LJ, so I decided to do some exploring.  During these explorations, I just so happened to stumble across this amazing community, and I simply couldn't believe my eyes! I just have to say that for the longest time I've had these crushes, and I always thought I was some sort of freak! So... I never told anyone. But, ta-da! It turns out I'm not alone!
So anyways, my two historic crushes are:I don't know why... but I simply love these two!
Anyway, I'm rambling, I apologize, but I just wanted to say how happy I am to find this comm! =D

I Welcome Myself To LJ!

So, I'm pretty much not entirely sure what I'm doing, so I'm just gonna explore and experiment, so bear with me (or is it "bare?" hmm...)
I've been coming on LiveJournal for a while, actually a really long time, but I never got around to making an account. If anybody would like to offer any kind of help, I would be most delighted xD